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ROMANS PROPS MK1 All steel weathered and installed with Our  crystal chamber cutomized.  Proffie installed. 10 smooth swing fonts. plus custom emitter that is cold steel giving you 1 inch bade depth.   Chamber lights and threads off. Making it stronger and it will not open during a swing. Plus our state of the are Chassis designed with Reavers Arsenal ( twin 20mm speakers) makes it the fullest sounding saber on the market. This saber is as close as you can get to owning the actual prop.


SKU: 0001
  • When you purchase From Jakku We would like you to understand your product is tested completely before it leaves or hands. We take pics of all settings and parameters and your saber number. We warrenty every hilt for a year with free shipping if damage is installtion related. component failures happen we understand that. But if the saber has been modified in any way all repairs will be charged to the customer.

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